Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cafes & Suited Laptops

Hello, never know how to start a Blog, but that seems to fit, you know, "COMFY" like them seats you see in Coffee Shops, "CAFES" you know the seats I mean, you have been out and about, doing this & that, Food Shopping, Clothes Shopping, :-) , with or with out kids, midweek or Saturday (sadly in Britain due to incompetent Goveing by the Goverment this also means a Sunday ) you get to either the middle of the day, or its elevenses (IF you started early) you want to sit down in one of them "COMFY" chairs just like they did in Friends (Jennifer Aniston Optional), you come to your desired watering hole, where you can drink & fodder with ease (not looking over shoulder for the OH so common Paris Hilton-Britney F**K Me Spears Types).

We now live in Berlin so our fave places are ( Cafe Nero, The Coffee Shop, Caras ) The Coffee shop is a very special Cafe as you can see Parrots from where you sit, they belong to Berlin Zoo, about a 100 in all, & we have Never Had a Prob with "Comfy" seats as it is 80% "Comfy" seat, but when we lived in Britain we water holed in Cafe Neros, Costas and free hold Cafes, some times we would have to wait for an elderly lady, or couple or Gent, some times a Woman with Children, NO probs there at all, but with out doubt the Worst would be the Man in a Suit Desperately trying to look like George Clooney, or Brad Pitt, or such, but always looking like a Brit man who is in to Football Cuz he thinks all the others are, who also think all the others are, and too scared to ask in case of the saying "you a Woman", but that not a prob, if thats how Brit Men want to live in each others pockets which leads to a mid life crisis or Heart attack that their bizz, (sadly I'm seeing Women doing the same thing only Different stuff, it might not lead to Midlife crisis or heart attack, but it must age the Woman, all that Baggage).

But that not the Prob, the prob is they IE Bizz Man in George Clooney rip off Suit is, the laptop, WHY, oh WHY the "LAPTOP" what is wrong with the Office, I say this with a favour Most Citys in the World have had their harts RIPPED out of them to make way for Office Space, proof of this is in Londons "Center Point", it was opened in the late 60s & still in 2009 it is only 1/4 full, Crumbs knows how many buildings wer demolished for that lump, & I would be right in saying it shoved the Prices up on every thing else in the area,
We got the same Prob NOW here in Berlin, so many areas are being turned in to Offices insted of homes, a sickening fact is (offices are DELIBERATELY designed so they cant be turned in to homes if they cant be sold), so why with all this going on do Bizz Men & sadly yes Bizz Woman have to sit with their laptops in the Comfy Chairs, probably doing nothing more than looking up the latest bit of Rubbish to do with football, or even sadder looking through a Womans Chave silly mag for some bit of nonsense to impress some Woman to sleep with, at least I hope so with all the Gove "TOP SECRET" stuff that has been lost or leaked in Britain in last year & half.

Sadly & with Thanks to @DerrenBrown and "Work Snug" what a sick name just so you know what "Work Snug" does here is a link what they do is tell the Laptop Man where he can take his "TOY" & they do call them that and pose in their George Clooney rip off Suits, for us real People out there this will NOW mean we will have to Pre Book our Comfy seats months in advance, how Women with Children will manage I dont know, NO doubt that THE Daily Mail, The Sun, The Times & Telegraph will SCREAM it another area that us Woman fail, I can see the head lines now "Women are Bad Mothers Cuz they cant SECURE Comfy seats in Cafes".

So ask your selves lap top users & yes I know @stephenfry uses one, but his stay at home, think be for you "Laptop" in Cafes, we need our Comfy seats, plus if you cant get a Comfy Seat becaus of another Laptoper, dont sit at a table and open up said toy (Beast) just go back to your office that Probably RIPPED the heart out of the City or town your in, and if your office is not in the City-Town you working "WAIT" you not the king of where you are, & yes this info also applies to George Clooney too,
so Laptoppers Remember, Proper shoppers Come First, and dont HUFF and PUFF when a Woman is out with Children in a cafe making a little bit of Noise, they dont have Offices you do, there may be one (and only one) bonus to laptoppers being in a Public space, they not in the office pinching Secretarys BUM, or in some cases Breasts, AH NO there are TWO Bonuses, The Photo Copier doesnt get BUNGED UP with copies of BUM Shots and Football Results.

I Thank Scrummy Susan for her help & George Clooney, @DerrenBrown & @stephenfry who without their help this could not be done. X X X

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Books & Influences

Hello, yes doing another blog, dont know if this one is over deadline as unlike @stephenfry @_CorruptedAngel & @alandavies1 I dont have to have one, or do I will it help with My writing, I dont know in all truth, I dont @stephenfry spoke in a blog he did earlier in the week of how when he was a student he would dream of how he would try to imagine how his heroes would have written, you know Shelley, Keates, Wilde, he did have one help, one very big help, his long term friend, writer, Explorer & Campaigner for saving the Beauty of this World, the Animals & Plants of it, who was @stephenfrys friend, the late and Great Douglas Adams, yes he of "42" fame, he probably has a cup of Tea & a Towel waiting for many at that Restaurant at the end of the Universe, if you dont know what, I'm talking about Wikipedia will be your Deep Thought.

This great Man told @stephenfry who I have no doubt told @alandavies1 & then us all is that to write is to quote another great writer W Shakespeare, it is to suffer the slings and aarrows that plague the mind, yes I know he dint put that to paper, or may be he did, may be even Leonardo Da Vinci did, we dont know, but if Douglas Adams did & Stephen Fry does they must have done.

Now the advice that Douglas Adams gave Stephen Fry, who thankfully passed it on to us, is to work through the nagging the pulling out of hair, the walking around a room, the "OH I WILL HAVE ANOTHER LADY GREY TEA" that's me, giggle, My Yumbles Susan introduced me to Lady Grey, it more refined, I digress, you see I can do things like that, but if I was doing a Book, I couldent put little ramblings in like that, I dont think you can even put such things in a Autobiography,
so I will not be as presumptuous and pretend to even be a writer like the likes of @_CorruptedAngel @stephenfry @alandavies1 , I put Alan Davies as he has just brought out a new book on his favourite People, that must have been "HORRENDOUS" how do you put in a book who your favourite People are when you still alive, Me & Susan in the week 30/08/09 were asked to choose some of our favourite People for a thing some Company on twitter were doing,( a very silly & dangerous thing to be on twitter, twitter is not about favourites, it about the spoken word, like books but open to all, even People like me with Dyslexia ) we did what came naturally to us and that was to tell the People weare Friends with thatwe could not choose any above the next as all are equal, that may not be fashionable any more, but fashion IS some one else tell you how to be "STUFF IT".

You see writing is not easy for any one, this may sound odd but I was stunned to hear that writers had problems with writing, I'm as said Dyslexic, I have the type that lets me read but not put it back down, I was diagnosed when 8 and as is usual in Britain, got no help from the state with it, My Mum did some help, but took it personally, like someone was saying "you a BAD Mother", by 10 I had worked out that there was a answer to this problem "DICTIONARY" I might not be able to remember how the word in books were spelt but the dictionary could, and bingo off I went, for about 400 yards down life befor some one start poking fun that I need a Dictionary ( if Britain needs a new Olympic game, poking fun "BULLYING" being rude we would win it every time) any one saying "GENERALISING" hand your self into the Police you a danger,
Now as I was saying I was stunned that the writers of the books I read to get away from the abuse around Me and done to Me had problems in writing them, I dint think any one else could have probs with writing {this is funny, writing this is not being easy, even with Susan's help with spelling } I had read The Famous Five, always George ( she a Female Character in the books, buy one, you never too old for Adventure, ask @stephenfry if you do dont mention Kakapo ), I also read and this was one of My favourite books, & I mean books, The Encyclopedia Britannica, what a book, what a book all those things, those places, the people, "why are there People who think Black People swing from Trees", never did see it in The E B, cuz they dont, well not like Monkeys any way, some one should give these People a copy of E B, Oh sorry they did, Libraries,
the palace for books and do they deserve it, OH how can goves want to close these places down, it not money, they dont want people to be free to find out the facts that are in books, the proof of that is in the way ESP in Britain how they play with Education just ask @the_apostate he is a Teacher as is @bird42 the first does the older, the latter the younger, but both get played about with and treated like they kids, sickening way to treat People and books, books though are going to get a tough time again, like the ones in Alexandria Library when the Romans Burned it down, why, it was open to all and held facts, the Romans dint just invent Concrete, they perfected that if them with Money and No morals want to rule, keep people ignorant and in Schools look out for them that show independence and try bend it to their way of thinking, "nothing changes", am I trying to change you, may be, may be not, you decide, but what I will say is, if Google get their way with this MEGA ON LINE LIBRARY, it will be the Burning of the Alexandria Library, The Night of the Vanities in which I think took place in Florence (Firenza) and the Berlin nazi book burning in one go, oh yes books are about to be put under the greatest threat ever.

If you want to find out how good Google are, and why they should not be trusted with books, try Googleing "The Night of the Vanities" you will find NOTHING, the night of the Vanities is the most significant night in the period know as the Renaissance, on this night, Paintings, Clothes, Furniture and Books were Burned to Ash, and set things back years " A WARNING" I say that as it has all ready been proven that Google has worked with right wing British Tories to hold People Private Med Records, what a Disaster that would have been, and if you want to know about British politics just look at the current mess with the Lockerbie bomber for Oil.

So put that with Google holding every book in the World, and Teachers being played with by Goves and in the USA right wing Church, it will put the Human race in a very Perilous state, will Googles Library have Erotic in it "I dont mean stuff like Playboy rubbish" I mean real Erotic Nude Women and Men with face that say, I like this, but you dont have to be like me, something Playboy doesnt do.
So you see if like My Childhood and Millions of others, if we want People (this includes Children ) to have, Books and Influences , We ALL MUST WATCH GOOGLE and sadly our GOVES, Still.

BIG HUGS to them I Mention, ESP Susan X X X

PS @Wossy is doing a Comic, they just as Important as Books, I read Beano, Dandy, 2000AD and now Manga, both types, the Erotic ones are BRILL as they have Intersexed / Transgenderd People in them being shown as normal People, see that to some is Danger and Subversive.
BYE, may read a Book, mmm a Erotic one perhaps ;-)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Bizz & it Poisoning

Well here we are at the Coal face (No disrespect to the Men that do dig Coal, I couldent, & yes I have been down a Mine, as a tourist, so all Grace to you that do).
Politics some say is the new opium of the masses, it is not for with out it Women and Children as young as 5 were working in the Coal Pits of Britain only 150years ago, which is not a long time, how was the end of this Practice brought about, by the Brit gove accepting the Petitions from the Learned Women & Men of both the Middle & some of the upper class of Britain, these were made up of what was called then the Old Money (Lords & Ladies) & New money ( Big Bizz of the day & the New Careers Press & Writers, eg Charles Dickens).

Now these people had to fight Just as hard to bring about the Social Changes of their Time as the 53Million people in the USA are now to get Health Care, this figure is prob out of date, I got it this Friday 21/8/2009 Obama is not Joking when he says Time is of the Essence.
Now as then in Victorian Britain there was only a two party system in Britain just like the USA of today, you had the Liberal Party Lloyd George & the New Tory Party formerly the whigs, now the Liberal Party wanted to bring about an end to Women under the age of 14 working actually under ground & boys of the age of 12, but still work on washing and moveing the Coal above ground, the age 14 was also the set legal age a Woman could have sex & be Married with parental consent, previous to this act there was no legal age for sex & Marriage for any one.

Now as I previously said the people who wanted to bring about these changes had to fight to get them, who was it they were fighting, the same People Oliver Cromwell had problems with when he wanted to bring about Parliament of Britain as it is now, (Merchants-Bizz Men), yes even Oliver Cromwell had to fight them, then they had concerns that if the King was done a way with, would the deals that were being done in the New Americas & with the Old Houses of Europe plus the New Dutch who were so strong that they were prety much the only threat that Britain had, Spain was put to bed by Sir Walter Raleigh & the Privateers in the Carribean back when Elizabeth 1 was Queen,
The Dutch had becom powerfull with help from trading with Turks & the New Routes to India, ( Britain had not yet caught up there ) so Oliver Cromwell after he Disposed of King Charles 1st, he set up the parlement that Britain need to start the catchup with the Dutch & strengthen British interests in Americas as the French & Dutch were, this of course pleased the (Merchants Big Bizz) but 4years into the New Parliament Oliver Cromwell had to come back with the New model Army to close Down Parliament because the Gentry in Parliament had only been listening to (Big Bizz) and were so Horrendous to the Ordinary People of Britain that Despit New forms of growing food, with also New food from the Continent, the People of Britain were dying of Disease Malnutrition and over work (Sound Familiar) Cromwell shut down parliament & was made Lord Protector ( this believe it or not is still debated in parliament today) thus Bring in Britains most prosperous time (this not debated) when he died & his son failed to run Britain King Charles 2nd came back on the throne, he at first closed Parliament & ran the Country with just him and advisors, but this did not work, why well (Big Bizz) started going back to the old ways of Feudalism (Stuff you, I'm alright attitude) the new King went to Oxford where he did agree to re open Parliament but on his terms,
at first this was resisted, the New King said "would you like another civil war" this would not do, so an agreement was made that there would be two houses Lords-Commoners, but they wernt Commoners they were the lesser Gentry & lo & behold (Big Bizz).

We now come to recent Times and how because of King Charles 2nd & how he made Parliament, the Liberals & the shall we say learned who wanted to bring in social Reform just like B Obama is doing now had to fight Torys who did not see the Benefits of the Social change on what they thought was going to be loss of Production on the Coal face such was the fierce stand by the Torys that it did to all intents and purposes look as though the English Civil war was going to start all over again, but what stoped, Common sense & the fact that even though the Real ordinary man dint have a direct Vote in Parliament ( just like today) a vote was made, after them that were against it were shown that by not have young Children down a pit & Women it would in fact improve out put, which it did, 10%, the People who were shown around wernt the Pit Owners it was them in parlement that they had thought they had bought, ie Torys, you see even bosses have bosses, they could see that all that was happening was the Children plus the Women although working hard were geting in the way.

We now come right up to date, ie the 1950's & Lord Bevan & the founding of the NHS this came about just like the work Practices in Coal Pits, with a fight, but one that should never have been, because this was not about just Money, oh no, this was about where People in Britain stood, (know your Place) the very thing even today is holding Britain back, and costing lives, (This Contains testimony from MY own Mother and Grand Mother) when the labour party was set up in Britan to give The Real Ordinary Man (Women still could not Vote) the Vote (if you want to find out about Labour Party, Wikipedia Trotsky & not Labour Party Tony Blair has altered a lot of the stuff with his New labour Spin, Plus Trotsky shows the facts) the ordinary Person did not have Health Care, it worked like this, if you worked F/M and your boss thought you were worth it you would have had access to a low Grade Doctor Ie a new one, just starting & a Nurse, if as with many none, you relied on the Generosity of a Doctor in the Liberal party, or Liberal thinking, if you were haveing a baby the same thing applied ( I was Born Premature in 1967 by 3months and a week, it was so touch and go whether or not I would live, so much so that My birth was not Recorded till around a week after, hence 18.Nov 67, if I was born in the early 50s I would not be typing this, A FACT, I would be Dead).

You see what was going on & why the NHS had to be formed is after the Second World War the rich had lost somuch Money and their Social standing (Second World War & so many Americans were in Britan with there liberal attitude, the British Establishment was Challenged by the ordinary Man in a way not seen since Oliver Cromwells day)now with the War over & Americans gone the Brit Establishment did all it could to get back to where it once was, just like after the First World War, only it was easier then because Britain had the Empire & all though thankfull America did get involved it was as Direct a Contact with the Ruling Class of Britain as was in the Second World War.
The proof that the Ruling Class of Britain was trying to get back to the old days was in Rationing of food long after there was a problem. My Mother knew, a person she worked for in a very upper middle class job never had a empty cupboard in the house, plus Americas lack of wanting to give money to Britain to rebuild becaus they knew 70% would go straight into the Ruling Class pocket (not a myth), the reason they did was becaus they saw the ordinary person suffering, with this the Owners of the Businesses cut back on Pay, & the Health Care, these were People who had Just fought a war, so they did what they could strike, why, big Bizz had once again bought Parliament & when that as in the past occurs common sense get thrown out off the window, thank full this time it was easier to stop Big Bizz thanks to the Labour Party, the Old Labour Party, what they did was Revolutionary, that was Nationalise many of the Big Bizz ( yes this hurt many of them that were Liberal) but it ment that the Person in the street knew where they were and had a proper say in things ( sadly to day many look back & say Oh they were uneducated & dint know what they were doing, & that the New Labour Party) even Health Care, did the NHS bring about the COLLAPSE of Britain, NO and if it was not for a Margaret Thatcher who was only DRIVEN by one thing, her HATRED of Labour and the Ordinary Person and their bit in Taking her Family Grocers a once Upper Middle Class Position, to that of an Ordinary Person, why cant you see the Benefits of The labour 50s, because M Thatcher knew her History and did what Charles 2nd did and gave parliament back to BIG Bizz, but the twist in History and it a BIG ONE, comes here, she went to the USA and spoke to the Republicans knowing who they were and once were and got them to sell them selves to big bizz, and the power that money can have, cuz lets face it 20-30 years ago a averag Congress Person was not that rich.
to the Very present, what USA President B Obama must do is what the Liberals did in Victorian Times & show Congress who is SUFFERING, with out the BIG BIZZ People being there, and show them that 53Million People Suffring is not Helping USA, one bit, and if the Republicans want to be the police to the World it need fit healthy people to do it, you cant do what was done in Vietnam & force people to go, & you cant do what Bush did, Join the army and get Health care and a Education, becaus that just another form of Communism, and the WORST KIND becaus you get Putin who thinks Stalin was the greatest thing ever to hit Russia.

I Chose the Coal Mines & the changes becaus it was the start of Modern Britain's Health Reform, and Parliament because it is the Founding of all Parliament & so a good Model to show how Big Bizz Corrupts because it was the first to be Corrupt.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

@stephenfry "your not stupid"

This is a blog on a moment in My life that I thought would never occur, & never dared even dream about, that is Stephen Fry saying to Me with no malice or sarcasm, that is "you are not stupid". I come from a very Violent back ground, (largely My Father) but also my elder Brothers & sometimes my older Sister.
There are 7 of us Me being the youngest, I had to endure not just beatings from My Father & Brothers, but also seeing them get the same, my Father was ex army, the sort that was conscripted in to the army in the 40s till the 50s, this is not saying that all Men in this period are violent.

My Mother did her best to bring us up in what for her must have been like living in the Vietnam war, because sadly some of my Brothers ( largely due to My Father), got Crime records not all my 5th eldest brother has his own Bizz which lead him to building the Welsh National Gardens that are 10milesish from Carmarthen South West Wales {have a look} I say that even though comeing out as a Lesbian Intersexed Transgendered Woman My Family havent spoken to me in years, (its the Lesbian bit they dont like) I also have My Eldest Brother Leave the Royal Navy as a ranking Officer, sadly cant remember what but do know that he had Gold Ribbons on the Bottom of his sleeve, he served a lot of time in Nuke Subs (boats as they call them), he also appeared in some Magazines in the late 70s, this was not as odd as my family think, I say this as My Lovely Grandfather served in the Army & Tank Corps in Second World War in North Africa First ( genuinely alongside Monty) he got his tank hit and so for many years had a bit of shrapnel in him, he did a bit of recouping in Tenby befor going on to D Day at Normandy, of which he went on to the nazi Concentration Camps ( cant say which one) when ever I tried to talk to my Grandfather about this when I was 9-10, he would say "not for your ears" I now know what he means.

When Germany surrendered, My Grandfather went on to Burma, where I know because I have seen it The Burma Star, he had that one & 4 others, that other members of My Family have, I have Relatives as far away as New Zealand, how ever My eldest Brother being in the Navy is not at all odd beacause last year in Hardwick Hall in there is a big picture of a Royal Navy Commander, it is one of My ancestors on My Mums side, I will say this (I have changed Name to stop my Family being harassed) I also found out last year that one of My ancestors Married Oliver Cromwells Son.

Well as you know from the beginning I was not allowed by my Father to do my Exams, as I said in My tweet I kept on studying, I studied, History, included in this was Anthropology, Law & Archaelogy, I also did Art, Maths ( not too much thank fully) Music which I can write, and the Sciences, I willsay this, I aproched my studies with not a sloppy attitude but also not with a"if I dont do this I'm a nobody" attitude which is how I think all should do it, (@the_apostate might not like that, but then again might).
Well I did My mock Exams & to my surprise, I got HUGE Accolades from all my Teachers, My History Teacher was so impressed that she Personally came up to me (She had Reputation for eating Time wasters) & said I hear you are not taking you Exams "WHY" you could go to the top & even Oxford, When I told her what my father had said, she just hung her head, she knew that you just couldent talk to my Father, the term Reason was a very strange language to him, so you see, when I came on twitter like many I just dint get it, but like many I stuck with it & glad I did, because if I dint, I would never have Had @stephenfry say to Me, "You are not Stupid" & I say with no Embarassment, it like all the Qualifications I dint get thanks to my Father, whom when I was 22 I stoped from Killing My Mother, he then was 6ft & around 25stone & I was 5.10 & 10stone, even though My Mum stoped talking to me, I'm Glad I did what I did, is she still alive dont know, My Mum gave birth to me when she was 42.

If you have read this thank you.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

why I cant be an MP in Britain

hello to all from us @pinktank1, this blog has been inspired by something we read on twitter, all who follow us [there are two of us here me Pink & my editor and most gorgeous Susan], you may wonder what would make me do a Blog on why I (Pink) cant be an MP in Britain, well we about 1/2 hour ago came across a Vile tweet from someone saying they were @BritishPower, as to us and maybe you leave with no doubt that they are British National party, what they said was "I am a fat Lesbian and not welcome back in Britain" that is what twitter would show.

Every one that follows us know that we @pinktank1 do not allow any right wing stuff on our twitter page, this is not because we are lesbians or that I (Pink) am a Intersexed transgendered Woman, it is because the right wing from BNP to The Tory Party and most of the Front Bench of the Labour Party including PM Gordon Brown have nothing to offer any one that has a attitude of Live and let Live, or Free thinking People not only in Britain but the World, for thanks to many of the Interfaces that the WWW now offers The World it has made it a much smaller World, so the Policies that are made by all politicians where ever they are affect every one,
Britains Politicians have still not yet grasped this FACT, the BNP show this with out fear of Retribution, the Torys & most of all Labour, who should know better as they say they are the Party for the People.

When Tony Benn & Micheal Foot and lets not forget the Great John Smith who none of the so called modern Labour would be fit to clean his shoes (nor Me), I met Tony Benn when he was in Bristol being an MP for the City, I was 4 so I dont think he would know me now, I dont think he would be disappointed in the Woman I have become, because like him I do not blow in the wind this way or that way, if I were to be a MP {more why I cant at end} My aim would be to Unite Britain in to the country it can be, one where People arnt at each others Throat, either when some on tries to better themselves as with many of Britains Comedians ie JoBrand, Stephen Fry, Sir Jonathan Ross, Sir John Cleese, Philip Jupitus and esp Johnny Vegas, for these people while trying to better them selves were driven in to the MUD by mainly Britains right wing press, IE Sun, News of the World, The Daily Telegraph, The Mail and Express who for well over 4 Decades have done nothing but hold Britian back.

Yes the aforementioned have done the odd campaign to say "Oh we love Britain" but they are nothing more than PR stunts, like when they drop the price to what they should be, ie 20p or something, all of these are nothing more than LEGAL tax Frauds, the Sun who short of giveing money to BNP have done so much work for them, the classic case is when 4years ago a Transgender Support group made a suggestion that Transgendered people should go into Schools and talk to Pupils to stop the open abuse that is costing millions to the Tax pay when police come out to deal with the abuse.
The Suns response to this was so Vile that I will not say that it may have led some Transgens to comit or attempt Suicide {we cant say for sure as Brit Psychs are notorious for not keeping accurate figures on such thing even though they know they are breaking law}.

But with Sun and all right wing press whipping up such hatred and the very FACT that the OFFICIAL stand by the Royal Society of British Psychiatrists is that Transgens must go through such things to see if they mean it when they say "I am a Woman not Man or the opposite" this is a Fact along with St Pancras Gender Clinic DICTATING what the People who go there must wear and not, I have personally spoken to Women there who have been refused TREAMENT for wearing Female cut Jeans and Tshirt, and told to come back in Three months in "Womens Clothes" ie Dress, Skirt and blouse and NO short hair cuts, I have seen their mandate on this which was SMUGGLED out by some one who did not want any treatment but posed as did.
You in the Public dont get to hear of these things, all you get told is we are freaks & Child molesters, even though if you go to any Police station in Britain you will find NO CASES of any Transgens doing such things, & by Law they must tell you if any have.
If you say your a Lesbian Transgen, OH do you get it then, I was allegedly under the care of a Dr Ferguson and a Dr Rattigan who in 2002 said that "I am to blame for being Transgenderd" {this I will stand in a Court of Law and say, and under oath}, as for Dr Ferguson he has placed false papers into my medical records by saying "People dont see me as a Woman" this is such stupidity, if I dint see me and others dint see me as a Woman what would I be doing in front of him.

Plus in the NHSs own spiel they say that "Transgenderism is not about how other people see the Person, but how they see them selves", if you are wondering where the said two Drs worked it is the Stonebridge center in Nottingham, it is so bad that it is not possible to get the suicide records which is very ILLEGAL, you can go to their web site, its so bad that for a NHS web site it must be the worst in the World, it a series of photo copied papers that are at all sorts of angles, and has not been updated when we looked in February this year from 2002. but these are not the reasons why I cant be an MP, it is because I would campaign for

Right wing press to be stopped

a full enquiry as to how for over 4 Decades they were allowed to keep Britain divided and to whos benefit

to put a stop to the tax on fuel as it is not a part of EU law due to the mass suffering by old and poor, which is covered by the EU Human Rights Law

I would campaign to have all right wing partys to submit full list of members and finances, including Tory party, as there is no such thing as middle right, FACT

I would campaign for more funding of the arts and education as they are both intertwined

As for Health, the NHS would be as it is now, but all private Health would be done through them, the same way it is in Netherlands & an end to the system as it is now which is causing more pain than good

Plus the Royal approval that has been given to the Psychiatrists taken away and brought in to the same laws as the NHS which they are not at the moment.

So you see why I cant be a Brit MP

Monday, August 3, 2009

Berlin and Stuff

hello this is our second BLOG and it will have some stuff on what you can do in Berlin and some things you cant do in Berlin, the aim is to maybe help you when you get here, if you decide to come here.

On you arrival in Berlin you will hear mainly German, but if you stop for a few moments you will hear many Languages from all over the World, this thanks to many left & freethinking People & the Fact that the Mayor (Burgermeister in German) is Gay, this has helped shake of the false Image that Berlin was hitlers favourite City, it was not, he saw it as a nest of Homosexuals (mainly Men) he thought as he could not see that Lesbians were real and that it Was just Women bonding and once they saw a BIG real german Man they would "Come Round", he oddly took Queen Victorias view ( Lesbians do not exist).
This does not mean that Lesbians were not Persecuted, they were and just like the men they sadly found that the nazis way of not fitting in with hitlers view was to be "piano Wired", we wont go in to the Hideous way piano wireing entails.
Berlin though has acknowledged that many Gay people were Murdered both M/F, this has been done by a Memorial opposite the Memorial to the Murdered Jews, both of these you will find on the Ebert Strasse, also on this Strasse is the World famous Brandenburg Gate (Tor in German), this was made Famous by the fact it was the Last bit of Berlin to be given back to United Germany from the Russian Gove.

If you put to your back the Brandenburg gate you will see what looks like a Golden Eagle or an Angel, it is in fact that it is the Siegessaule, its a Monument to the fall of Napoleon and Getting him out of Prussia which was the Old name for Germany befor the separate States were united under Friedrich the great, his Monument is on the World famous Unter Den Linden which is the other side of the Brandenburg Gate and at the far end where the Museum Island is, this you will find is where all the major Museums are, (you may like to know that you can go to the top of the Siegessaule, its 48m or 160ft, plus 285 steps to, Rock group U2 did a Video up there when thay came in 1990), all the trees you see when you are in this section of Berlin belong to the Tiergarten (German for hunting garden), do not try to do this in one day it is not possible, {200ha} as it makes up nearly a quarter of Berlin, if you want to see a large bit of it hire one of the Rickshaw that you will see around Berlin, all are Police and German registered, in the Tiergarten you will see many lakes, ponds, The English Garten very Beautiful, Sculptures and a very unusual rock garden that has very large boulders from around the World.

If you go back up the Unter Den Linden to where Friedrich the Greats Monument you will see some thing that can be seen all over Berlin and that is the Fernsehturm TV Tower, this is in an area known as Alexanderplats which will put you very firmly in the East part of Berlin, the Fernsehturm TV Tower is 365m high or 1.350ft, if you would like to have your food in the cloudes but with out flying, you can cuz they have a Restaurant that we fully endorse as we have Celebrated our 2 & half years together there, plus it revolves (goes around) and if you count from where the stairs are (you only have to go up about 15 to get to Restaurant) you will find that it takes 59mins to go around, the food is priced at not EXCESSIVE LEVEL, this upsets the ones on the Unter Den Linden as on a clear day you can see for 40Kilometers or 30 Miles from both the Vewing & the Restaurant, a lift is used to take you to the top, the price for adults is €12 what it is for young ones we dont know, but may be half or less.

When you come down from the Fernsehturm TV Tower, and are back in the Square you will see a very large Railway Station looking building, this Alexander Rail, S Bahn, U Bahn station it has on the inside shops, cafes, book-paper shops & Tobacconists, if you go through the station you will see very big shops these you will find are C&A, Galeria & DM which is a bit like Boots with out the pharmacy, ( if you do become ILL in Berlin or Germany as a Whole you will need a Apotek which are Visible by the Red A sign, if more SERIOUS then Berlin has many Hospitals, you will need a E HIC card that you can get from Brit Post Offices [we cant say for other Countrys ie USA, Asia or Africa], health care is private in Germany & Very CHAOTIC to get if thinking of liveing here).

Alexanderplatz when you walk around it you will find it look like a Major Shopping center, Berlin does not have one as such, {more on that later} you will see a Cubist looking Fountain, if you go past the Toilets {more on this later} you will see a The World clock this has times from New York,London, & every where, if you go under Train bridge you will see a big Red brick building with clock tower, this is the Mayoral Seat of Berlin across from there is the Neptune Fountain & a HUGE Fountain in front of the Fernsehturm TV Tower.

Berlin has NO Single MAIN Shopping area, the nearest claim to this is Kurfurstendam (KU'DAMM) this is in the west part of Berlin, in this area is the World famous & in many ways World Leading Berlin Zoological Gardens where Knut the Polar Bear lives & many Animals from around the World in very Comfortable surroundings, so very nice for all.
The shops on the Ku Damm are as many as you can shake a BIG STICK AT, including Ka-De-We, its Germanys & Europes BIGGEST Department Store A bit like the Harrods in Quality but not in Price or Attitude, its sale area is 60.000 SQM, it was built in 1906 & thankfully survived hitlers stupidity.
Also at Ku-Damm is the Europa Center which houses a very unique Spa, it is a swimwear OPTIONAL, meaning NUDE which is the appropriate way to be or otherwise you will come across as someone above everyone else {in Germany it is not good to pretend or try to be above everyone else, you will just look like hitler} NUDITY is fully ACCEPTED every where in Germany & esp in Berlin, you may do so in any Parks but check Swimming pools first AS the MTV culture & A Merkel plus Christian right wing is trying to stop NUDITY in Germany which is back firing on them as Eating Disordes are on the rise due to this, {We did check with the Info Centre if Nudity was OK in Parks & was told witha BIG & VERY POSITIVE WAY "Yes Nudity is permitted every where and any WHERE.

As NUDITY is PERMITED it is not unusual to see Men taking Children to the Toilet ( ie young Girls in to the Toilet with them & the same with young boys in to the Ladies, this is done with a very much more positive attitude to breaking down the barriers betwen the Sexes and works).
It is very ESSENTIAL that both F/M WASH HANDS and DONT CALL TOILET "BATHROOMS" very bad to do that as it is considered RUDE.
Most Toilets in Berlin close at between 8pm or 12pm, if you or your Child needs to go to the Toilet and there are NONE around find some where discreetish and go, if there is no where the same applies, as Germans see it for what it is, a person doing a Bodily function and not a Sexual act like some other western Countrys, in fact the ones with the most HANG UPS to public Nudity & going to the Toilet are not the Germans, but the Brits & right wing Americans, (If you do make a fuss over some one going to the Toilet or being Nude in Berlin or Germany, it may be you getting arrested for makeing a Public disturbance).

There are many crossing some are Auto, some you must push a BUTTON this you will find UNDER THE YELLOW BOX WITH THREE BLACK DOTS ON, if you dont do this "YOU WILL HAVE A LONG WAIT" some of the BOXES arent and are OVAL these you MUST PUSH FACE ON and a RED light will come on, if it does not dont worry it will still work.
DO NOT CROSS ROAD IN ANY OTHER PLACE, the locals do IE US but even then only on a Sunday or very late at night or a quiet time, and that is because we have INSURANCE, if you cause a road accident and it is your fault you will be SUED even if DEAD by INSURANCE companys, so DONT DO IT even if you are an American.

BAD bit about Berlin and Germany
Tourists can be a Pain, please remember this is not your Country, German Folk do have a RIGHT to LIVE how they want to and BEHAVE as if it was your home and your Family.
Please have a lovely stay in Berlin & Germany and may this little GUIDE be of some help, all info is as Accurate as we could get it, if you are going to SUE we can only do a week of washing up as a PAYMENT on ACCOUNT of ME (Pink) being Disabled and Susan not haveing Much money & being a bit poorly as well.
This has been a Pinktank1 Production
BIG THANKS TO Susan for all Spelling Corrections as me (Pink) is Dyslexic

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello and welcome

Hello, and we must say that this is quite something, as whenever we have tried to do a blog, its always failed as for some reason or another we were refused.

The aim is to bring you more in depth Views of whats is going on the News, and sometimes say what the BIG folks in the media cant say or dont know about yet, it will be tied to twitter, as with there we will not publish any right wing stuff from any right wing organization, as our aim to halt the progress of right wing, be it in Britain or anywhere we are opposed to Human torture unlike Brit Tony Blair, Republicans, Brit Torys ie Margaret Thatcher.

There are two of us here, Me Pink, & Susan, so we hope you find our Blogs Informative, Helpful and maybe Thought provoking.

We are at the moment in Berlin, we had to leave Britain on account of it being still a deeply Transgender-phobic health care system much to the cost of the British Taxpayer, the Brit Gove Know this but are only interested in keeping the public in division and not bothered by the fact there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Plus Susan needs a operation, a Hysterectomy, we were based in Derby England, the Hospital there said that they had no cases of Infections regarding this operation, a blatant lie, so we have moved to Berlin thinking it would be better, what we dint know is the health care system is a Chaotic one, which is helping no one but the rich, no surprise there with right winger A Merkel Chancellor of Germany.

The other thing that is stifling Germany is the vast amount of paperwork that is here which Britain could help them get rid of. Germany is a bit more Transgender friendly [ at least here in Berlin], we have herd that things are not as good in other parts and Netherlands the same once outside Amsterdam. I am pre op & pre everything even though I have been told by two Brit psychiatrists that I am a Woman, here in Germany I have been diagnosed that I'm in fact intersexed, but yet still no help, I was born without a right testicle that did not descend & when 4 I had op to push it down into scrotal sac which since puberty age 9 things have been extremely painful as it is a Ovary.
this has been confirmed with scans, as if it was a teste it is hanging upsidedown, I even told Brit psychiatrists that I had an attempted rape carried out on me when I was 8years old in a street in Haverfordwest West Wales, this thay just dismissed, even when I said that all the words that were said to me were the same as would be said to a Woman, which of course I am.
This is all for this blog, till next one