Thursday, August 20, 2009

@stephenfry "your not stupid"

This is a blog on a moment in My life that I thought would never occur, & never dared even dream about, that is Stephen Fry saying to Me with no malice or sarcasm, that is "you are not stupid". I come from a very Violent back ground, (largely My Father) but also my elder Brothers & sometimes my older Sister.
There are 7 of us Me being the youngest, I had to endure not just beatings from My Father & Brothers, but also seeing them get the same, my Father was ex army, the sort that was conscripted in to the army in the 40s till the 50s, this is not saying that all Men in this period are violent.

My Mother did her best to bring us up in what for her must have been like living in the Vietnam war, because sadly some of my Brothers ( largely due to My Father), got Crime records not all my 5th eldest brother has his own Bizz which lead him to building the Welsh National Gardens that are 10milesish from Carmarthen South West Wales {have a look} I say that even though comeing out as a Lesbian Intersexed Transgendered Woman My Family havent spoken to me in years, (its the Lesbian bit they dont like) I also have My Eldest Brother Leave the Royal Navy as a ranking Officer, sadly cant remember what but do know that he had Gold Ribbons on the Bottom of his sleeve, he served a lot of time in Nuke Subs (boats as they call them), he also appeared in some Magazines in the late 70s, this was not as odd as my family think, I say this as My Lovely Grandfather served in the Army & Tank Corps in Second World War in North Africa First ( genuinely alongside Monty) he got his tank hit and so for many years had a bit of shrapnel in him, he did a bit of recouping in Tenby befor going on to D Day at Normandy, of which he went on to the nazi Concentration Camps ( cant say which one) when ever I tried to talk to my Grandfather about this when I was 9-10, he would say "not for your ears" I now know what he means.

When Germany surrendered, My Grandfather went on to Burma, where I know because I have seen it The Burma Star, he had that one & 4 others, that other members of My Family have, I have Relatives as far away as New Zealand, how ever My eldest Brother being in the Navy is not at all odd beacause last year in Hardwick Hall in there is a big picture of a Royal Navy Commander, it is one of My ancestors on My Mums side, I will say this (I have changed Name to stop my Family being harassed) I also found out last year that one of My ancestors Married Oliver Cromwells Son.

Well as you know from the beginning I was not allowed by my Father to do my Exams, as I said in My tweet I kept on studying, I studied, History, included in this was Anthropology, Law & Archaelogy, I also did Art, Maths ( not too much thank fully) Music which I can write, and the Sciences, I willsay this, I aproched my studies with not a sloppy attitude but also not with a"if I dont do this I'm a nobody" attitude which is how I think all should do it, (@the_apostate might not like that, but then again might).
Well I did My mock Exams & to my surprise, I got HUGE Accolades from all my Teachers, My History Teacher was so impressed that she Personally came up to me (She had Reputation for eating Time wasters) & said I hear you are not taking you Exams "WHY" you could go to the top & even Oxford, When I told her what my father had said, she just hung her head, she knew that you just couldent talk to my Father, the term Reason was a very strange language to him, so you see, when I came on twitter like many I just dint get it, but like many I stuck with it & glad I did, because if I dint, I would never have Had @stephenfry say to Me, "You are not Stupid" & I say with no Embarassment, it like all the Qualifications I dint get thanks to my Father, whom when I was 22 I stoped from Killing My Mother, he then was 6ft & around 25stone & I was 5.10 & 10stone, even though My Mum stoped talking to me, I'm Glad I did what I did, is she still alive dont know, My Mum gave birth to me when she was 42.

If you have read this thank you.

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