Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hello and welcome

Hello, and we must say that this is quite something, as whenever we have tried to do a blog, its always failed as for some reason or another we were refused.

The aim is to bring you more in depth Views of whats is going on the News, and sometimes say what the BIG folks in the media cant say or dont know about yet, it will be tied to twitter, as with there we will not publish any right wing stuff from any right wing organization, as our aim to halt the progress of right wing, be it in Britain or anywhere we are opposed to Human torture unlike Brit Tony Blair, Republicans, Brit Torys ie Margaret Thatcher.

There are two of us here, Me Pink, & Susan, so we hope you find our Blogs Informative, Helpful and maybe Thought provoking.

We are at the moment in Berlin, we had to leave Britain on account of it being still a deeply Transgender-phobic health care system much to the cost of the British Taxpayer, the Brit Gove Know this but are only interested in keeping the public in division and not bothered by the fact there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Plus Susan needs a operation, a Hysterectomy, we were based in Derby England, the Hospital there said that they had no cases of Infections regarding this operation, a blatant lie, so we have moved to Berlin thinking it would be better, what we dint know is the health care system is a Chaotic one, which is helping no one but the rich, no surprise there with right winger A Merkel Chancellor of Germany.

The other thing that is stifling Germany is the vast amount of paperwork that is here which Britain could help them get rid of. Germany is a bit more Transgender friendly [ at least here in Berlin], we have herd that things are not as good in other parts and Netherlands the same once outside Amsterdam. I am pre op & pre everything even though I have been told by two Brit psychiatrists that I am a Woman, here in Germany I have been diagnosed that I'm in fact intersexed, but yet still no help, I was born without a right testicle that did not descend & when 4 I had op to push it down into scrotal sac which since puberty age 9 things have been extremely painful as it is a Ovary.
this has been confirmed with scans, as if it was a teste it is hanging upsidedown, I even told Brit psychiatrists that I had an attempted rape carried out on me when I was 8years old in a street in Haverfordwest West Wales, this thay just dismissed, even when I said that all the words that were said to me were the same as would be said to a Woman, which of course I am.
This is all for this blog, till next one

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