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Big Bizz & it Poisoning

Well here we are at the Coal face (No disrespect to the Men that do dig Coal, I couldent, & yes I have been down a Mine, as a tourist, so all Grace to you that do).
Politics some say is the new opium of the masses, it is not for with out it Women and Children as young as 5 were working in the Coal Pits of Britain only 150years ago, which is not a long time, how was the end of this Practice brought about, by the Brit gove accepting the Petitions from the Learned Women & Men of both the Middle & some of the upper class of Britain, these were made up of what was called then the Old Money (Lords & Ladies) & New money ( Big Bizz of the day & the New Careers Press & Writers, eg Charles Dickens).

Now these people had to fight Just as hard to bring about the Social Changes of their Time as the 53Million people in the USA are now to get Health Care, this figure is prob out of date, I got it this Friday 21/8/2009 Obama is not Joking when he says Time is of the Essence.
Now as then in Victorian Britain there was only a two party system in Britain just like the USA of today, you had the Liberal Party Lloyd George & the New Tory Party formerly the whigs, now the Liberal Party wanted to bring about an end to Women under the age of 14 working actually under ground & boys of the age of 12, but still work on washing and moveing the Coal above ground, the age 14 was also the set legal age a Woman could have sex & be Married with parental consent, previous to this act there was no legal age for sex & Marriage for any one.

Now as I previously said the people who wanted to bring about these changes had to fight to get them, who was it they were fighting, the same People Oliver Cromwell had problems with when he wanted to bring about Parliament of Britain as it is now, (Merchants-Bizz Men), yes even Oliver Cromwell had to fight them, then they had concerns that if the King was done a way with, would the deals that were being done in the New Americas & with the Old Houses of Europe plus the New Dutch who were so strong that they were prety much the only threat that Britain had, Spain was put to bed by Sir Walter Raleigh & the Privateers in the Carribean back when Elizabeth 1 was Queen,
The Dutch had becom powerfull with help from trading with Turks & the New Routes to India, ( Britain had not yet caught up there ) so Oliver Cromwell after he Disposed of King Charles 1st, he set up the parlement that Britain need to start the catchup with the Dutch & strengthen British interests in Americas as the French & Dutch were, this of course pleased the (Merchants Big Bizz) but 4years into the New Parliament Oliver Cromwell had to come back with the New model Army to close Down Parliament because the Gentry in Parliament had only been listening to (Big Bizz) and were so Horrendous to the Ordinary People of Britain that Despit New forms of growing food, with also New food from the Continent, the People of Britain were dying of Disease Malnutrition and over work (Sound Familiar) Cromwell shut down parliament & was made Lord Protector ( this believe it or not is still debated in parliament today) thus Bring in Britains most prosperous time (this not debated) when he died & his son failed to run Britain King Charles 2nd came back on the throne, he at first closed Parliament & ran the Country with just him and advisors, but this did not work, why well (Big Bizz) started going back to the old ways of Feudalism (Stuff you, I'm alright attitude) the new King went to Oxford where he did agree to re open Parliament but on his terms,
at first this was resisted, the New King said "would you like another civil war" this would not do, so an agreement was made that there would be two houses Lords-Commoners, but they wernt Commoners they were the lesser Gentry & lo & behold (Big Bizz).

We now come to recent Times and how because of King Charles 2nd & how he made Parliament, the Liberals & the shall we say learned who wanted to bring in social Reform just like B Obama is doing now had to fight Torys who did not see the Benefits of the Social change on what they thought was going to be loss of Production on the Coal face such was the fierce stand by the Torys that it did to all intents and purposes look as though the English Civil war was going to start all over again, but what stoped, Common sense & the fact that even though the Real ordinary man dint have a direct Vote in Parliament ( just like today) a vote was made, after them that were against it were shown that by not have young Children down a pit & Women it would in fact improve out put, which it did, 10%, the People who were shown around wernt the Pit Owners it was them in parlement that they had thought they had bought, ie Torys, you see even bosses have bosses, they could see that all that was happening was the Children plus the Women although working hard were geting in the way.

We now come right up to date, ie the 1950's & Lord Bevan & the founding of the NHS this came about just like the work Practices in Coal Pits, with a fight, but one that should never have been, because this was not about just Money, oh no, this was about where People in Britain stood, (know your Place) the very thing even today is holding Britain back, and costing lives, (This Contains testimony from MY own Mother and Grand Mother) when the labour party was set up in Britan to give The Real Ordinary Man (Women still could not Vote) the Vote (if you want to find out about Labour Party, Wikipedia Trotsky & not Labour Party Tony Blair has altered a lot of the stuff with his New labour Spin, Plus Trotsky shows the facts) the ordinary Person did not have Health Care, it worked like this, if you worked F/M and your boss thought you were worth it you would have had access to a low Grade Doctor Ie a new one, just starting & a Nurse, if as with many none, you relied on the Generosity of a Doctor in the Liberal party, or Liberal thinking, if you were haveing a baby the same thing applied ( I was Born Premature in 1967 by 3months and a week, it was so touch and go whether or not I would live, so much so that My birth was not Recorded till around a week after, hence 18.Nov 67, if I was born in the early 50s I would not be typing this, A FACT, I would be Dead).

You see what was going on & why the NHS had to be formed is after the Second World War the rich had lost somuch Money and their Social standing (Second World War & so many Americans were in Britan with there liberal attitude, the British Establishment was Challenged by the ordinary Man in a way not seen since Oliver Cromwells day)now with the War over & Americans gone the Brit Establishment did all it could to get back to where it once was, just like after the First World War, only it was easier then because Britain had the Empire & all though thankfull America did get involved it was as Direct a Contact with the Ruling Class of Britain as was in the Second World War.
The proof that the Ruling Class of Britain was trying to get back to the old days was in Rationing of food long after there was a problem. My Mother knew, a person she worked for in a very upper middle class job never had a empty cupboard in the house, plus Americas lack of wanting to give money to Britain to rebuild becaus they knew 70% would go straight into the Ruling Class pocket (not a myth), the reason they did was becaus they saw the ordinary person suffering, with this the Owners of the Businesses cut back on Pay, & the Health Care, these were People who had Just fought a war, so they did what they could strike, why, big Bizz had once again bought Parliament & when that as in the past occurs common sense get thrown out off the window, thank full this time it was easier to stop Big Bizz thanks to the Labour Party, the Old Labour Party, what they did was Revolutionary, that was Nationalise many of the Big Bizz ( yes this hurt many of them that were Liberal) but it ment that the Person in the street knew where they were and had a proper say in things ( sadly to day many look back & say Oh they were uneducated & dint know what they were doing, & that the New Labour Party) even Health Care, did the NHS bring about the COLLAPSE of Britain, NO and if it was not for a Margaret Thatcher who was only DRIVEN by one thing, her HATRED of Labour and the Ordinary Person and their bit in Taking her Family Grocers a once Upper Middle Class Position, to that of an Ordinary Person, why cant you see the Benefits of The labour 50s, because M Thatcher knew her History and did what Charles 2nd did and gave parliament back to BIG Bizz, but the twist in History and it a BIG ONE, comes here, she went to the USA and spoke to the Republicans knowing who they were and once were and got them to sell them selves to big bizz, and the power that money can have, cuz lets face it 20-30 years ago a averag Congress Person was not that rich.
to the Very present, what USA President B Obama must do is what the Liberals did in Victorian Times & show Congress who is SUFFERING, with out the BIG BIZZ People being there, and show them that 53Million People Suffring is not Helping USA, one bit, and if the Republicans want to be the police to the World it need fit healthy people to do it, you cant do what was done in Vietnam & force people to go, & you cant do what Bush did, Join the army and get Health care and a Education, becaus that just another form of Communism, and the WORST KIND becaus you get Putin who thinks Stalin was the greatest thing ever to hit Russia.

I Chose the Coal Mines & the changes becaus it was the start of Modern Britain's Health Reform, and Parliament because it is the Founding of all Parliament & so a good Model to show how Big Bizz Corrupts because it was the first to be Corrupt.

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  1. Pinktank1, You make several excellent points and I appreciate the historic background work. But I think you are being too harsh on both business and conservatives. Two people CAN look at the same problems and come up with different equally valid solutions.

    We need to learn from one another.