Sunday, September 6, 2009

Books & Influences

Hello, yes doing another blog, dont know if this one is over deadline as unlike @stephenfry @_CorruptedAngel & @alandavies1 I dont have to have one, or do I will it help with My writing, I dont know in all truth, I dont @stephenfry spoke in a blog he did earlier in the week of how when he was a student he would dream of how he would try to imagine how his heroes would have written, you know Shelley, Keates, Wilde, he did have one help, one very big help, his long term friend, writer, Explorer & Campaigner for saving the Beauty of this World, the Animals & Plants of it, who was @stephenfrys friend, the late and Great Douglas Adams, yes he of "42" fame, he probably has a cup of Tea & a Towel waiting for many at that Restaurant at the end of the Universe, if you dont know what, I'm talking about Wikipedia will be your Deep Thought.

This great Man told @stephenfry who I have no doubt told @alandavies1 & then us all is that to write is to quote another great writer W Shakespeare, it is to suffer the slings and aarrows that plague the mind, yes I know he dint put that to paper, or may be he did, may be even Leonardo Da Vinci did, we dont know, but if Douglas Adams did & Stephen Fry does they must have done.

Now the advice that Douglas Adams gave Stephen Fry, who thankfully passed it on to us, is to work through the nagging the pulling out of hair, the walking around a room, the "OH I WILL HAVE ANOTHER LADY GREY TEA" that's me, giggle, My Yumbles Susan introduced me to Lady Grey, it more refined, I digress, you see I can do things like that, but if I was doing a Book, I couldent put little ramblings in like that, I dont think you can even put such things in a Autobiography,
so I will not be as presumptuous and pretend to even be a writer like the likes of @_CorruptedAngel @stephenfry @alandavies1 , I put Alan Davies as he has just brought out a new book on his favourite People, that must have been "HORRENDOUS" how do you put in a book who your favourite People are when you still alive, Me & Susan in the week 30/08/09 were asked to choose some of our favourite People for a thing some Company on twitter were doing,( a very silly & dangerous thing to be on twitter, twitter is not about favourites, it about the spoken word, like books but open to all, even People like me with Dyslexia ) we did what came naturally to us and that was to tell the People weare Friends with thatwe could not choose any above the next as all are equal, that may not be fashionable any more, but fashion IS some one else tell you how to be "STUFF IT".

You see writing is not easy for any one, this may sound odd but I was stunned to hear that writers had problems with writing, I'm as said Dyslexic, I have the type that lets me read but not put it back down, I was diagnosed when 8 and as is usual in Britain, got no help from the state with it, My Mum did some help, but took it personally, like someone was saying "you a BAD Mother", by 10 I had worked out that there was a answer to this problem "DICTIONARY" I might not be able to remember how the word in books were spelt but the dictionary could, and bingo off I went, for about 400 yards down life befor some one start poking fun that I need a Dictionary ( if Britain needs a new Olympic game, poking fun "BULLYING" being rude we would win it every time) any one saying "GENERALISING" hand your self into the Police you a danger,
Now as I was saying I was stunned that the writers of the books I read to get away from the abuse around Me and done to Me had problems in writing them, I dint think any one else could have probs with writing {this is funny, writing this is not being easy, even with Susan's help with spelling } I had read The Famous Five, always George ( she a Female Character in the books, buy one, you never too old for Adventure, ask @stephenfry if you do dont mention Kakapo ), I also read and this was one of My favourite books, & I mean books, The Encyclopedia Britannica, what a book, what a book all those things, those places, the people, "why are there People who think Black People swing from Trees", never did see it in The E B, cuz they dont, well not like Monkeys any way, some one should give these People a copy of E B, Oh sorry they did, Libraries,
the palace for books and do they deserve it, OH how can goves want to close these places down, it not money, they dont want people to be free to find out the facts that are in books, the proof of that is in the way ESP in Britain how they play with Education just ask @the_apostate he is a Teacher as is @bird42 the first does the older, the latter the younger, but both get played about with and treated like they kids, sickening way to treat People and books, books though are going to get a tough time again, like the ones in Alexandria Library when the Romans Burned it down, why, it was open to all and held facts, the Romans dint just invent Concrete, they perfected that if them with Money and No morals want to rule, keep people ignorant and in Schools look out for them that show independence and try bend it to their way of thinking, "nothing changes", am I trying to change you, may be, may be not, you decide, but what I will say is, if Google get their way with this MEGA ON LINE LIBRARY, it will be the Burning of the Alexandria Library, The Night of the Vanities in which I think took place in Florence (Firenza) and the Berlin nazi book burning in one go, oh yes books are about to be put under the greatest threat ever.

If you want to find out how good Google are, and why they should not be trusted with books, try Googleing "The Night of the Vanities" you will find NOTHING, the night of the Vanities is the most significant night in the period know as the Renaissance, on this night, Paintings, Clothes, Furniture and Books were Burned to Ash, and set things back years " A WARNING" I say that as it has all ready been proven that Google has worked with right wing British Tories to hold People Private Med Records, what a Disaster that would have been, and if you want to know about British politics just look at the current mess with the Lockerbie bomber for Oil.

So put that with Google holding every book in the World, and Teachers being played with by Goves and in the USA right wing Church, it will put the Human race in a very Perilous state, will Googles Library have Erotic in it "I dont mean stuff like Playboy rubbish" I mean real Erotic Nude Women and Men with face that say, I like this, but you dont have to be like me, something Playboy doesnt do.
So you see if like My Childhood and Millions of others, if we want People (this includes Children ) to have, Books and Influences , We ALL MUST WATCH GOOGLE and sadly our GOVES, Still.

BIG HUGS to them I Mention, ESP Susan X X X

PS @Wossy is doing a Comic, they just as Important as Books, I read Beano, Dandy, 2000AD and now Manga, both types, the Erotic ones are BRILL as they have Intersexed / Transgenderd People in them being shown as normal People, see that to some is Danger and Subversive.
BYE, may read a Book, mmm a Erotic one perhaps ;-)

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