Thursday, August 6, 2009

why I cant be an MP in Britain

hello to all from us @pinktank1, this blog has been inspired by something we read on twitter, all who follow us [there are two of us here me Pink & my editor and most gorgeous Susan], you may wonder what would make me do a Blog on why I (Pink) cant be an MP in Britain, well we about 1/2 hour ago came across a Vile tweet from someone saying they were @BritishPower, as to us and maybe you leave with no doubt that they are British National party, what they said was "I am a fat Lesbian and not welcome back in Britain" that is what twitter would show.

Every one that follows us know that we @pinktank1 do not allow any right wing stuff on our twitter page, this is not because we are lesbians or that I (Pink) am a Intersexed transgendered Woman, it is because the right wing from BNP to The Tory Party and most of the Front Bench of the Labour Party including PM Gordon Brown have nothing to offer any one that has a attitude of Live and let Live, or Free thinking People not only in Britain but the World, for thanks to many of the Interfaces that the WWW now offers The World it has made it a much smaller World, so the Policies that are made by all politicians where ever they are affect every one,
Britains Politicians have still not yet grasped this FACT, the BNP show this with out fear of Retribution, the Torys & most of all Labour, who should know better as they say they are the Party for the People.

When Tony Benn & Micheal Foot and lets not forget the Great John Smith who none of the so called modern Labour would be fit to clean his shoes (nor Me), I met Tony Benn when he was in Bristol being an MP for the City, I was 4 so I dont think he would know me now, I dont think he would be disappointed in the Woman I have become, because like him I do not blow in the wind this way or that way, if I were to be a MP {more why I cant at end} My aim would be to Unite Britain in to the country it can be, one where People arnt at each others Throat, either when some on tries to better themselves as with many of Britains Comedians ie JoBrand, Stephen Fry, Sir Jonathan Ross, Sir John Cleese, Philip Jupitus and esp Johnny Vegas, for these people while trying to better them selves were driven in to the MUD by mainly Britains right wing press, IE Sun, News of the World, The Daily Telegraph, The Mail and Express who for well over 4 Decades have done nothing but hold Britian back.

Yes the aforementioned have done the odd campaign to say "Oh we love Britain" but they are nothing more than PR stunts, like when they drop the price to what they should be, ie 20p or something, all of these are nothing more than LEGAL tax Frauds, the Sun who short of giveing money to BNP have done so much work for them, the classic case is when 4years ago a Transgender Support group made a suggestion that Transgendered people should go into Schools and talk to Pupils to stop the open abuse that is costing millions to the Tax pay when police come out to deal with the abuse.
The Suns response to this was so Vile that I will not say that it may have led some Transgens to comit or attempt Suicide {we cant say for sure as Brit Psychs are notorious for not keeping accurate figures on such thing even though they know they are breaking law}.

But with Sun and all right wing press whipping up such hatred and the very FACT that the OFFICIAL stand by the Royal Society of British Psychiatrists is that Transgens must go through such things to see if they mean it when they say "I am a Woman not Man or the opposite" this is a Fact along with St Pancras Gender Clinic DICTATING what the People who go there must wear and not, I have personally spoken to Women there who have been refused TREAMENT for wearing Female cut Jeans and Tshirt, and told to come back in Three months in "Womens Clothes" ie Dress, Skirt and blouse and NO short hair cuts, I have seen their mandate on this which was SMUGGLED out by some one who did not want any treatment but posed as did.
You in the Public dont get to hear of these things, all you get told is we are freaks & Child molesters, even though if you go to any Police station in Britain you will find NO CASES of any Transgens doing such things, & by Law they must tell you if any have.
If you say your a Lesbian Transgen, OH do you get it then, I was allegedly under the care of a Dr Ferguson and a Dr Rattigan who in 2002 said that "I am to blame for being Transgenderd" {this I will stand in a Court of Law and say, and under oath}, as for Dr Ferguson he has placed false papers into my medical records by saying "People dont see me as a Woman" this is such stupidity, if I dint see me and others dint see me as a Woman what would I be doing in front of him.

Plus in the NHSs own spiel they say that "Transgenderism is not about how other people see the Person, but how they see them selves", if you are wondering where the said two Drs worked it is the Stonebridge center in Nottingham, it is so bad that it is not possible to get the suicide records which is very ILLEGAL, you can go to their web site, its so bad that for a NHS web site it must be the worst in the World, it a series of photo copied papers that are at all sorts of angles, and has not been updated when we looked in February this year from 2002. but these are not the reasons why I cant be an MP, it is because I would campaign for

Right wing press to be stopped

a full enquiry as to how for over 4 Decades they were allowed to keep Britain divided and to whos benefit

to put a stop to the tax on fuel as it is not a part of EU law due to the mass suffering by old and poor, which is covered by the EU Human Rights Law

I would campaign to have all right wing partys to submit full list of members and finances, including Tory party, as there is no such thing as middle right, FACT

I would campaign for more funding of the arts and education as they are both intertwined

As for Health, the NHS would be as it is now, but all private Health would be done through them, the same way it is in Netherlands & an end to the system as it is now which is causing more pain than good

Plus the Royal approval that has been given to the Psychiatrists taken away and brought in to the same laws as the NHS which they are not at the moment.

So you see why I cant be a Brit MP

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